Ultra Compact Surfaces

ultra compact surface

The term “ultra compact surface” is used to describe a completely new countertop surface that is made by putting the raw materials found in glass, porcelain, and quartz, under extreme heat and pressure to create and almost indestructible material. These surfaces were created as an improvement to other countertop surfaces like quartz (Silestone®), granite, marble, and solid surface (Corian®).

What makes these surfaces almost indestructible? It’s the extreme heat and pressure in the manufacturing process, and when we say “extreme” heat and pressure we mean it. Ultra compact surfaces are typically baked at 2191º Fahrenheit (that’s 1200º Celsius), and compressed at 5900 pounds per square inch. In fact, the press that the makes the product Dekton® by Cosentino® is the largest press of its kind in the world at 25,000 tons.

Quartz countertops like Silestone®  and Cambria® were the most durable materials available before ultra compact surfaces came along. In fact, Consumer Reports magazine has consistently rated quartz countertops as the best overall choice since 2005 (link to rating video). However, when Consumer Reports does their next ratings, ultra compact surfaces should most certainly reign supreme as the best overall.


Also, the extreme manufacturing process used to make ultra compact surfaces makes the product stain and scorch proof. Yes, I actually used the phrase “scorch proof,” not “scorch resistant.” What’s the big deal with the phrase “scorch proof?” Well, ultra compact surfaces like Dekton® are made by large companies like Cosentino®. These large companies make thousands of slabs each year, and do not take on massive potential liability for making promises they can’t keep. Normally you will see the phrase scorch or stain “resistant” used by large companies. The word “resistant” gives them a little wiggle room to get out of liability if the material stains or burns. However, the phrase “stain proof” means it won’t stain or it will be replaced- no matter what. These are big promises, but ultra compact surfaces are the most durable countertop products on the market and can be used indoors or outdoors without worry. Can you imagine a company saying it will warranty a countertop product for 10 years when it is installed in an outdoor kitchen in Minneapolis, MN where temperatures vary from 100º Fahrenheit in summer to -40º below zero in winter? The exposure is extreme, but ultra compact surfaces can take it.

Now it is true that ultra compact surfaces are only “scratch resistant” not “scratch proof” because they can be scratched by diamonds, but I doubt anyone in their right mind would make a countertop out of diamonds just to make the “scratch proof” claim. However, if you’re looking for something new and different to use as countertops, flooring, shower walls, or anything else in your home, ultra compact surfaces will out perform any other material.

This product is so strong, not even battery acid or a blow torch can damage it. Don’t plan on using a blow torch or spilling battery acid on your countertops? Well I hope you never have a battery leak or a grease fire, but these are two events some of my customers experienced with disastrous results for their quartz countertops. One customer had a weather radio leak battery acid on their quartz countertop after a power outage and the countertop was ruined. Likewise, another customer experienced a small grease fire cooking bacon on a gas stove, and the flaming frying pan melted the countertop. Fortunately no one was hurt in the fire, but they did have to pay for new quartz countertops, and they are not inexpensive.

Countertops have been improving since the first person put his dinner on a flat rock so why not an indestructible countertop? So if you’re looking for something new and high tech- this is it…..

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