Italian MarbleWhat is Marble

Marble is used mostly in sculptures and in many building uses. Some of the most beautiful sculptures are done in marble. They date back to the classical period of our world history.

This is a very popular stone for use in commercial and residential buildings. It is commonly used for floors, countertops, and walls. 

It is actually a rock which is formed from a metamorphism process from sedimentary carbonate rocks, which are mostly limestone. This stone has colorful swirls and veins which are formed from mineral impurities like iron, sand, or clay that were present as layers in the limestone. These impurities in the stone are formed through intense pressure and heat.

When you are picking out just the right stone for your countertops or flooring, it is important to examine the surface of the stone for large cracks. When you find a large crack, look at the opposite side of the crack to determine if it goes all the way to the other side. Quality marble stone does not have a crack that goes all the way through but instead have a vein of color without a crack running through it.

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